Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

We want you, as a user of our services, to understand how we use your data and in what ways you can protect your privacy.

Our privacy policy explains:

  • The data we collect and the reasons for the collection.
  • How we use this data.
  • The features we offer, including how to remove your data.

Data we collect

We collect data in the following ways:

Information you provide us: To access our service, you must create an account. In this case, you provide personal information, such as your name, e-mail address, your credit card, which are registered with your account.

Information we collect when you use our service: Once your application is launched from gadael.com. All data entered from your application is stored in a database linked to your account. Your users’ data can be accessed on our servers until your account has been completely deleted.

How we use the data we collect

Data entered into your gadael.com account

Contact information

Your contact information on your gadael.com account will be used to contact you for administrative purposes only, any newsletters about the service will need to be registered at the initiative of the user. By default no commercial email will be sent to you.

Banking information

The banking information used for recurring payments is not stored on our servers, the service provider stripe.com ensures the storage of the information from the first authorization until the termination of the subscription.

A key is stored with the user data on the servers of gadael.com to allow to make the monthly levies according to the criteria defined during the configuration of the subscription.

To ensure the deletion of the banking coordinates, one must either cancel the paid plan or delete the account. This can be done only by the user account that created the application.


Your account information on gadael.com will only be used as part of the service and will never be sold or provided to third parties, the only exception to this rule is the information required for payments, in this case only the payment gateway stripe.com will receive this information. The data provided to stripe.com is subject to service rules.

Gadael.com will not send any newsletter to the accounts registered on the site. If a newsletter becomes necessary to make announcements concerning the service, it must be the subject of an additional and voluntary registration of the user, registered or not.

Data of your application

Deleting Data

Access to the application can be disabled by our services without the data being deleted.
Only deleting your account on gadael.com guarantees the deletion of the data of your application on your servers.

Only the user who created the application and its settings on gadael.com can access the deletion of the account and therefore of the data of the application. If you wish to delete the data from the application but you no longer have access to this account, you can contact us at support@gadael.com

Extraction and backup

The user account that created the application has the necessary rights to perform a database extraction from the personal space. From this backup, all application data can be accessed.


Gadael.com will not consult the content of the databases created by these users except to resolve any bugs and with the consent of the user who created the application. Therefore, all information contained in your application will never be disclosed or sold, or even used for statistical purposes.