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Gadael is a time managament software created to be used in small to large companies. It can be used to efficently manage leave requests with an approval workflow.

Various integrations are proposed to integrate well into your business current usages.

  • Integration with personal google calendar.
  • Export to sage or excel stylesheets.
  • Responsive design for usage on all mobile devices.
  • One click actions from your gmail account for department managers.

Gadael is distribued under the MIT licence, if you want to install it on your own server or contribute to the project, please go to the github repository.

Please see gadael.org for technical informations about using gadael as a self-hosted application.

gadael.com website and online service

Software as a Service

This service is subject to compliance with a terms of service document agreement and a privacy policy. The registration process will require you to accept the terms of service.

The documentation on this site is hosted on github in the gadael-documentation repository, contributions are accepted. The documentation licence is GFDL witch imply to give credit to the author is case of external usage.

This site is built using the hexo static site generator and angularjs. The current interface is base on the Icarus theme from PPoffice.

The Author.


Gadael is software whose development was initiated by Paul Rosanbo, an experienced independent developer in the field of business applications.

You can follow him