Quick start

This documentation applies only to the SAAS service hosted on gadael.com. Unlike other pages of the documentation, what is explained on this page can not be achieved using the open source gadael software if it has been installed by yourself on your own server.

Administrator's Guide

Administrators are the people who can access the entire configuration. This documentation describes the management of rights, collections, calendars, users, exports and the creation of absences in place of users.

Manager guide

The manger (department head) is the person in charge of a department, whose function is the validation of the requests made by the department members but also the supervision of the sub-departments if this has been configured.

User guide

This documentation describes the role of the user. He can create leave requests, view his absence rights balance, make time saving account deposits or retrieve working time in the form of recovery absence right.

Rights order

The rights and types order role in the application.

Parts times collections

For administrators, this document explains the specific configurations to be implemented for part-time right collections.

The rights rules

For administrators, this document explains the rules that can be set on leave rights to determine when and how users can consume the balance that has been assigned to them.

The countries

The application can be used for any country. However, the specific rules of these countries have been taken into account to propose an appropriate initialization of the database according to the company domiciliation.

Mobile device usage

Gadael is compatible with all devices, it is a progressive web app.

Planning parameter

This guide is intended for administrators to plan leave rights.